Yoga is a wonderful practice to support your body in mobility, strength and flexibility, to reduce the noise in your mind and improve your self-confidence with movement, stillness and self-love. I love to practice and teach yoga with attention placed on the breath as we move fluidly through the postures, taking time to feel the benefit of each asana and the rest in between.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is also known as Sleep Yoga. It is similar to a guided meditation in which you follow the voice, taking your attention different parts of the body, leading you into a liminal space where you are not always sure if you are asleep or awake. It is fantastic for deep relaxation, especially for those that do not get enough sleep. A 45minute class is said to be the equivalent of 4hours of deep sleep. It is only really in deep sleep that our bodies are able to fully embrace restoration, recovery and deep relaxation.


I offer a range of meditation techniques, bringing awareness to the breath, mantra and affirmations (an example of which can be found here), energy within the body and it’s surroundings. Guided meditation is wonderful for those that struggle to practice alone. My hope is to provide practice and confidence so that those who attend workshops with me, start to implement practice at home. It can be hard to know where to start. I will support you in finding practices that work for you.

How to book…

I offer workshops all over the country and tend to combine the above practices into a day or half day workshop. I can also include breathwork immersions for longer sessions. All workshops are tailored to the group. I am also happy to collaborate with other workshop leaders to create days of varied practices to groups with the joyful intention of gathering and healing together. For price and to discuss an opportunity, please get in touch.


Ruth Thompson: Today I had my first 121 yoga session with Clover. It was fantastic to stretch and move and help me to combat my ongoing intermittent back pain. Clover tried different poses to test my body’s limitations and I feel fantastic afterwards, like i’ve had a fab workout. Amazing! Thank you x