I currently offer Yoga & Yoga Nidra workshops at Ananda Kula & Hotpod Yoga Stoke

This class is a beautiful combination of guided practice, grounding into the body, heart nourishment and divine rest.

With so much upheaval in this current climate, it is now more important than ever to learn to find our balance and ability to adapt to a changing environment whilst maintaining our mental and physical health.

By placing our focus on the breath, flowing in and out of the body as we float through the postures with conscious fluid movement, we will release the build up of tension and stress collected in the body, reduce distraction from the outside world and reconnect to your true nature.

Enjoy the benefits of yoga in strengthening the body, improving flexibility and mobility whilst finding peace in your heart as we make time to look after ourselves, quiet the mind and listen to what the body needs in each moment to stay grounded and balanced.

A practice of Yoga Nidra will complete the class and allow for deep relaxation. Yoga Nidra, also known as sleep yoga, will take the body into a deep sleep and the mind into a place of lucidity. It is here that the body is most able to heal and recover from everyday living. In this place, we are also able to tap into our deepest desires, let go of past trauma, discover answers to our burning questions and connect with our truth.

If you feel called to join us and you would like to book, please keep a look out for classes on my instagram page below.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat. With love, Clover x

How to book…

To book onto the above class, please message me via the following button or via the Wild Heart facebook page. I am able to offer workshops all over the country. I can also include breathwork immersions for longer sessions. All workshops are tailored to the group. I am also happy to collaborate with other workshop leaders to create days of varied practices to groups with the joyful intention of gathering and healing together. To discuss an opportunity, let’s connect. I look forward to speaking with you.


Ruth Thompson: Today I had my first 121 yoga session with Clover. It was fantastic to stretch and move and help me to combat my ongoing intermittent back pain. Clover tried different poses to test my body’s limitations and I feel fantastic afterwards, like i’ve had a fab workout. Amazing! Thank you x