Yoga, Nidra & Meditation

Yoga is a wonderful practice to support your body in mobility, strength and flexibility, to reduce the noise in your mind and improve your self-confidence with movement, stillness and self-love.

Yoga Nidra is also known as Sleep Yoga. It is similar to a guided meditation in which you follow the voice, taking your attention different parts of the body, leading you into a liminal space where you are not always sure if you are asleep or awake. It is fantastic for deep relaxation, especially for those that do not get enough sleep.

I offer a range of meditation techniques. It can be confusing to know where to get started. I’ll help you find one or two that suit you. All classes are tailored to each group.

Breathwork Immersions

Breathwork is a magical practice, especially as part of a workshop group. By focusing on our breath and increasing the amount of air we are holding in our body, we are able to shake loose anything that we no longer need. For some this is a physical body pain, for others its a shift in energy, a release of an addiction, a trauma or limiting belief, some connect with energy and move it around their own bodies and for some there is a direct connection with spirit and their past lives. The breath takes you to where you need to go and you will not experience something that you are not ready for. This is a treatment with amazing results and loved by those who are bored of ‘talking therapies’. Leave feeling lighter and more in tune with you.


I am available for retreats, events and festivals. If you would like to discuss an opportunity for bringing people together to practice and heal together, please get in touch! 🙂