Soothe your Wild Human!

With the challenges of life today, we need to find ways to release the stress and tension, quiet our minds and come back to ourselves and our true essence. If you are local or able to travel, I offer the following treatments, tailored to your needs and a wonderful way to reconnect to your inner peace…

Holistic Massage

The massage that I offer is holistic massage. Holistic means whole. In terms of massage, it means we are seeking to improve your whole health to include your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual health. I use a combination of techniques and I tailor the treatment to you and your needs following a consultation at the start of the treatment. Relax as your tension melts away and find a deeper connection with your body. Leave feeling refreshed, peaceful and light in body and mind.


Reiki is a beautiful practice using energy to clear blocked energy in the body and mind. By booking in for a reiki session, you open yourself up to universal energies and together we channel in down into the body, wherever you need it most. If you feel heavy, stuck in a particular emotion, unable to explain what feels wrong, a reiki session will do you wonders. It is a treatment that varies from one person to another. Some see colours, find answers to questions that they have been asking for a long time, some feel spirit and more. It is a wonderful experience.

Hopi Candles

Hopi Ear Candling is an extremely effective treatment. The age old remedy of ear candling is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears that may help to alleviate symptoms of discomfort of various conditions. Lying comfortably on your side, a Hopi ear candle is inserted very gently into the ear after a gentle stimulation of pressure points on the face. This helps to relax the facial muscles, increase circulation and drain the sinuses.


Breathwork is a magical practice. I am so in love with it. By focusing on our breath and increasing the amount of air we are holding in our body, we are able to shake loose anything that we no longer need. For some this is a physical body pain, for others its a shift in energy, a release of an addiction, a trauma or limiting belief, some connect with energy and move it around their own bodies and for some there is a direct connection with spirit and their past lives. The breath takes you to where you need to go and you will not experience something that you are not ready for. This is a treatment with amazing results and loved by those who are bored of ‘talking therapies’. Leave feeling lighter and more in tune with you.


If you want to create a day of relaxation, release and surrender or need to make a real day of ‘you time’, check out the packages available. This is a great option for those that have further to travel, allowing you to make the most of your treatments and truly come back to you!