1hour Reiki session £40

Reiki is a natural system that unlocks the inner flow of vital energy within the senders and the receiver’s body and opens both up as a bigger channel for a universal energy that is greatly beneficial for all life forms i.e. humans, animals and plants. As the good energy is received and fills the body, that which is not needed any longer is drawn out creating good health , balance, harmony , control and peace.

It is a vital means of relieving and releasing stress, tension and negative energy which can create illness.  Reiki is an effective way to create a high level of well being and harmony. It works alongside conventional healing practices and does not interfere with medical procedures.

We all have a energy field around us known more commonly as our aura and have seven main energy centres more commonly known as our Chakras these are spinning discs of energy and within the pace of modern day living sometimes these energy discs get clogged or blocked thus causing illness and dis-ease.

Reiki can be used in many ways as a hands on method or as a distance healing. It can even be sent through time to a certain traumatic event from the past or to a future event that hasn’t yet happened such as a job interview or a meeting.

The Chakra System

The seven chakras are the main energy centres of the body. When all of our chakras are open, energy can run through them freely, and harmony exists between the physical body, mind, and spirit. Chakra translates to “wheel” in Sanskrit, and you can imagine them like wheels of free-flowing positive energy. They are as follows:

The ROOT chakra represents our foundation. It is red in colour and located at the base of the spine. When it is blocked, we can feel unstable and anxious.

The SACRAL chakra is located in the lower abdomen and represents our creativity and sexual energy. It is the area which tends to get blocked with past trauma and negative emotions. When it is clear, we feel pleasure and abundance.

The SOLAR PLEXUS can be a sign of our confident and control. It is also our power centre. When it is blocked we can feel low in motivation and self-worth.

The HEART chakra is located in the centre of the chest. It is green. It connects the lower and upper chakras. It is controls our love, joy and inner peace. When it is blocked, we can feel worry and unable to be fully open to people and life.

The THROAT chakra governs communication, self-expression and truth. It can feel blocked when you are unable to find the words or share your truth freely. It is light blue in colour.

The THIRD EYE chakra is located on the brow line, between the eyes and affects our intuition, imagination and wisdom to see beyond the surface. It is dark blue.

The CROWN chakra is at the very top of the head and enables you to access a higher consciousness. The colour can be both violet and white.