With the challenges of life today, we need to find ways to release the stress and tension, quiet our minds and come back to ourselves and our true essence. The following treatments are tailored to your needs and supporting you as you come home to yourself…

Massage, Reiki & Hopi £99

Need to shift negative energy from your body and mind? This package will enable you to connect with your heart and inner knowing, to release what no longer serves you, leaving you feeling light, positive and relaxed. This is a 2.5hour treatment package.

Massage, Reiki & Yoga Nidra £99

When you are craving deep relaxation, resting both body and mind, this is the perfect combo. Explore your own inner knowing, heighten your own intuition and discover the gifts offered in silence. This is a 2.5hour treatment package.

Breathwork, Reiki & Yoga Nidra £199

When you need to release the past, limiting beliefs, traumatic experiences, old behaviour patterns and emotions and need a fresh start, this is the package for you. Breathe all that no longer serves you away, I will massage the tension away and we’ll use the gentle flow of universal energy to fill you up with new zest for life. This treatment package is 4hours in duration.

Please wear comfortable clothing. Bring your own water bottle. Accommodation is available for those that have further to travel. It is important that we complete a consultation before you attend. Please get in touch to discuss and book.

Build a package

I am very happy to create a package just for you. Let’s connect to discuss!