keep calm & dream of the Sea!

The ocean has wonderful healing properties, it has long been used to as a place of relaxation, easing tension and washing the stress away. It has also been known for easing various health problems. This was one of the reasons for the increase in seaside tourism, in the 20th century, when UK doctors made ‘bathing … Continue reading keep calm & dream of the Sea!

Massage: Luxury OR Necessity?

Massage is fantastic for a number of reasons and not simply a luxury pampering session, although it leaves you feeling pretty great too! Massage is incredibly beneficial to your body and mind. Not only can it ease the tensions away, it can support your body in it’s natural healing process, reduce stress and increase our … Continue reading Massage: Luxury OR Necessity?

The Power behind the Bleed!

I remember thinking for a number of years that I was missing something in relation to the time of the month. When everything feels like a bit more effort. As I’ve got older, I’ve felt it more. The discomfort, lack of confidence, clumsiness, vulnerability and desire to disconnect from everything. Being raised in the 80s, … Continue reading The Power behind the Bleed!