Breathwork is a magical practice which can be experienced in a private session or as part of tribe. By focusing on our breath and increasing the amount of air we are holding in our body, we are able to shake loose anything that we no longer need. This is a treatment with amazing results and brilliant for those who are fatigued with ‘talking therapies’. The breathing technique soothes your body and quietens the mind so your heart can show you the way to the freedom you desire and a deeper connection to who you really are… Awesome Warrior! 😉

Benefits of Breathwork:

Increase clarity and focus by oxygenating the brain / Get more oxygen into the body reducing the threat of anaerobic disease and other illness / Allow your skin to breathe, slowing the ageing process / Calm the nervous system by activating the parasympathetic system, allowing deep relaxation / Improve your digestion / Lower your blood pressure by oxygenating the heart and lowering the heart rate / Alkalise the blood, eliminate toxins, cleanse the body and reduce cravings and addictive behaviour / Release the root of depression, anxiety and mental ‘stuckness’ / Find the cause for physical and mental blockages / Let go of emotional trauma and negative behavioural patterns / Feel supported through grief and loss / Remember your true nature / Raise your vibration / Access your inner wisdom and knowing / Find new zest for life and improve your sleep / Some also experience past lives, visions and higher consciousness.

The breath takes you to see and heal whatever you need to and are ready for x

Private breathwork immersion 2.5hours £120

I offer private breathwork sessions for those that want to delve deeper into what their healing and move forward in their lives. This is a session for 1-3 people. Breathwork is about freedom and release from past ideas, worries and problems that have weighed you down for too long. Each session is unique to the breather. I will guide you with technique and encouragement, music and scents, holding space for you to discover a lighter, more balanced, more knowing you.

Group immersions 3hours (£ TBC)

Group immersions are wonderful in which 10-20 people breath together. The energy of each immersion is amazing. It always feels as though the right tribe has come together for the healing of all those breathing their way to more freedom and a deeper connection with themselves. I offer immersions at events, workshops and retreats. Yoga, Nidra and meditation can also be woven in for longer and deeper sessions. If you would like to discuss and book an immersion or workshop for an event or retreat, please get in touch! If you would like to be informed on future events, please join the mailing list. Thank you x


Sheena Bratt: I have had wonderful sessions with lovely Clover! Reiki, massage and breath work and I highly recommend her! Thank you so much Clover, you are fabulous at what you do! I always come away feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, and the posture and daily stretch tips are still working wonders. Much love!   xx