Black & white is not as black & white… Be wise!

I am a woman of both Jamaican and British descent, I don’t tear other women and men down though I know the pain of others trying to pull me down. I have still shared my gifts and love with all. I have supported people in all communities to rise and now I want to see all communities supporting the black community to rise up and level the playing fields because black lives DO matter!

This was a post on facebook that I have been tagged in by many. I couldn’t post it as it was so I adapted it. The reason being, it was a post in which black men and women were declaring that they didn’t knock other black people down and only lifted each other up. I really question who started it. Who made you feel it was necessary to say that? As with many chain posts, I wonder if it is the piece of positivity that it is suggested to be. To all my beautiful friends who have posted this. Yes you are awesome and you do lift your community up! But you are more than this! You are a black man/woman who has raised everybody up.

The original post, to me, feels calculated, in reinforcing a division of people driven by an oppressor. And implies that we only support our own as white supremacists have. I will not give them this. I have always built everyone up. I don’t knock people down. In my experience and knowledge of our history, black people have lifted everyone up, have devoted their lives to (or been forced to) support, raise and improve the lives, the health, the culture, the music, the food, the wealth, the riches, the enjoyment, the success and nurturing of all colours. Many a white child in past generations has been raised even breast fed by black women. Let’s not sell ourselves and our history short.

It is important that we support each other. I celebrate the strength in us. I know we are all feeling sensitive, more so than ever. A gateway has opened, encouraging traumas and sadness of despicable past experiences to rise to the surface as the imposed silence is lifted. I have been wrestling with my own. It is only natural to feel angry. Let’s not fall here! Let’s not separate ourselves further! If you have posted the original, why not edit it? Make a statement of your contribution to the World as a whole because you have benefited all people! Even when others have tried to keep you down. You have still shared your gifts and your love!

And to my friends who are not black. I see some of you now suffering the pain and embarrassment of not knowing or realising the hardship of black lives. And many of you are angry too. I am happy that you are wanting to be educated. The truth has been kept from you. Mass conditioning has affected us all. Now is your chance to change that. To push and to fight (intelligently and heart fully) for the rights of your black brothers and sisters, to ensure that their poor treatment is always challenged and eventually eradicated.

We are one people, let’s talk and start living as such. But to do this, I will say: Black lives must matter and must not be left to suffer any longer. Before we can ‘get over it’ (as some suggest) we must be able to express and release the pain of it. To be healed. For all. I am very much aware of those that have been fighting for change too. My mother is one of many. And for those I hold a deep gratitude. And to all. Change is in our hands. Be wise. Thank you for reading.

One love ❤️💛💚

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Love Ray

I am warrior now!

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