The importance of staying grounded… Everyday!

Have you ever had an experience when someone walks past you and just the movement of air around you seems to knock you off balance? We all have. Add days of light-headedness, dizziness, not feeling in the flow, worried, anxious, drawn into drama, off your game, more emotional than usual, eating more often, unable to make clear decisions and fearful about external circumstances outside of your control.

We live in a World that is open 24hours a day. There are no clear guidelines on when we should rest. You might have a family to look after, a business to run, bills to pay, a demanding job, goals that you never seem to find time for and on top of that feel constantly bombarded with information about external situations, what you should buy, how you should live, insurance to make sure you don’t lose anything and what funeral plan you should choose to make it easier for those we leave behind…

We can find ourselves in a continual state of stress with bodies and minds that are always active. We have grown used to living in a fight or flight scenario, on alert and on guard, ready to respond to the latest perceived threat and in anticipation of those to come. The Groundhog day that we are currently experiencing is no exception. Even though we have been made to stop, the fear of the unknown has increased for many. The ever building reasons for staying in this ‘on edge’ state has become a normal so what can we do?

Let’s start by rejecting this reactive way of living and not allow it to be our normal! In fact, as the reasons for being stressed evolve, don’t think that there is nothing you can do. Let’s grow more rooted in our practice and resilience. We cannot always change what is going on around us but we can ground ourselves and increase our ability to cope. This is where learning and remembering to ground becomes important.

Being grounded is when you are fully present in your body and feel energetically connected to the Earth. We’ve all heard of the saying, plant your feet firmly on the ground… Well this is a good start. When we are not grounded, we are too far away from the Earth, we’ve become separate. Some would say your energy is all up in your head and the higher chakras, without a solid foundation. You have separated from your original and true energy source, our Mother, our home, the Earth.

If you need further convincing, think of a plug and how the yellow and green cable ensures that the gadget you’re using is earthed for your safety. We need this too! If you have forgotten how natural it is to ground and send the energy we don’t need down into the Earth then picture a child upset or having a tantrum and stamping their feet. They are sending the anger down into the ground and it steadily calms them down. It’s a natural process that we, as adults, sometimes forget.

Here are a few ways in which you can ground and reconnect with the Earth, your body and self:

  • Eat well to ensure that you are nourishing your body with good foods and drink water to stay hydrated. Root vegetables are great for grounding.
  • Get out in nature, lean against a tree, do some gardening and connect with the Earth.
  • Walk barefoot on the ground, indoors or out and feel the connection between the soles of your feet and the ground on which you are standing.
  • Lie on the ground and tune in to how the Earth supports your body, feeling held and safe.
  • Have a salt bath, the stress will soak away as you realign, aided by a natural resource of Mother Earth.
  • Exercise and get your body moving, again being aware of your feet meeting the floor and the energy grounded in your amazing body/home.
  • Take 5-10mins to sit and focus on your breathing. Use a nice steady pace, notice the air coming in and leaving the body and any sensations that arise.
  • Meditation is a very relaxing way to ground. In the video below, I guide you through a visualisation to ground you into your body and to remind you of your loving and unbreakable connection with Mother Earth.

If you would like further support with this, you are welcome to get in touch! Much love Warriors! Namaste x

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Love Ray

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