Are you open to receiving what you want?

So I was wondering around Alicante, taking pics of a beautiful part of the old town and a person walked into view, in the distance, with a stunning red hat. Aloud I exclaimed “I love that hat, oh my days I love that hat!!” I had always wanted a red hat like that. I felt excited at being reminded, joyful that another woman was wearing it in the style I would too. I admired it and I admired her. I was happy.

Walking away from the scene, for about 20mins in the other direction, I ran to catch a white feather falling through the air, I squealed when it was safely in my hand and I almost landed on what lay on the ground before me. An exquisite red Fedora hat, ffs haha! At first I was nervous to pick it up, I put it on the wall and walked away. This didn’t feel right. It stuck with me. I had asked. It was given and I had walked away. In that moment, I realised it was there for me!

That’s’ a lie, I knew it was there for me. Why do I find it so hard to believe and receive? The things I have lost and that have found a new home, the stuff I have left with people, crystals that were drawn to and left with others, I accepted were supposed to be theirs. This hat was waiting for me. In some way I had asked for it, I had fallen in love with it and it wasn’t the first time I had admired a red hat and enjoyed the idea of having one!

I have been working on being open to receive what I ask for. Seeing myself as worthy to receive. Asking is easy but can you accept it when it comes. Can you see and cease the moments when what you want is available? We cannot just be givers. We must be in balance. Live with both the inhalation and the exhalation. Living IS both. Am I open to this? Well I want to be and in this moment, it’s clear that I was.

Of course, I have received plenty. I see the magic. I am grateful for the gifts of friendship, travel, training, healing, fab moments etc… But what about when we specifically ask for something in material form? We are allowed to ask for the specifics. We are allowed to attract what we want and it does come. I have listened to Abraham Hicks, trying to remedy this for years. And I continue to listen when I need their straight, to the point guidance… Every day! 😉

I was open to receiving and the hat had been delivered as my joy had requested. It was joy, excitement and my high vibration when seeing the hat that had cosmic ordered it. I didn’t do a thing! I picked up the hat with a massive smile. Thank you universe, God, Divine! I accept. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love it!!! ❤

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