Mooji 5-Day Satsang Intensive, Portugal – Sitting with Masters

Reunited with my childhood friend, beloved Mooji Baba. I had looked for him for ages. We hadn’t seen each other in over 30years. I kept telling a friend I was looking for him. My friend kept saying, “I have met someone you would like”. He has a soft Jamaican voice. He sounded familiar. A photo was put on my facebook wall. It was him. How could I contact him now? He must receive a sea of letters each day.

I wrote a letter of two. Didn’t really think about sending it. I just like to put my head on paper or phone sometimes. I missed a number of opportunities to be in his company. I was happy knowing everything happens in the time it is supposed to. I saw he was in Lisbon, I checked for flights and they were affordable. I got organised. It was next week. Then, together in Lisbon… Full Joy!

And what a wonderful week it was. Lisbon is fantastic! I managed to see quite a bit of it but I was there for satsang. There was a morning session and an afternoon session. I was there to take the opportunity. To know myself. I went with three others. We all had our own experience. I loved the routine of the learning, the peace and the excitement of the city. In co-existence. As I walked around, I could tell who was in satsang. They knew I was too. We smiled knowingly.

The place is vibrant, an eclectic mix of people from all over the World seemed to have settled here. The streets are alive with tourists and street performers. The place buzzes yet peace can still be found. I often sat alongside a main road with the widest pavements I have ever seen and huge mature trees that line the sides. Peace by a main road seems quite unimaginable.

The food is fantastic. A vegan restaurant blew my head off. I was able to eat things that I hadn’t dared before due to worry as to what was in them. Walking at night felt extremely safe. A pocket of life waiting to be discovered around each corner. The music on the streets was of amazing quality, it was like moving past mini concerts by professional musicians.

Satsang was more than I had known I was going for. Disappearing into the self was quite a shock which led to me walking around in my flip flops, holding one of my trainers in my hand and the other safely tucked away in my bag for the longest time. I sat with friends in a café outside and drifted from conversations, gazing at the architecture and the clouds floating by.

I had no interest in participating in the talk or sharing my experience. I mumbled that I was fine when anyone asked. On deeper enquiry, I declared that I was just having a shake on the inside. My friends informed me that I was shaking on the outside too. I decided to go back and speak with the team. Much laughter followed as I was still holding my trainer at shoulder height. The team member I spoke to was beautiful and when I felt capable, I walked home along the tree lined route and got ready for dinner.

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