Massage: Luxury OR Necessity?

Massage is fantastic for a number of reasons and not simply a luxury pampering session, although it leaves you feeling pretty great too!

Massage is incredibly beneficial to your body and mind. Not only can it ease the tensions away, it can support your body in it’s natural healing process, reduce stress and increase our self-confidence in knowing that we are looking after ourselves.

Many of us are not strangers to stress, we live in a time when not only are we feeling stressed for ourselves, our families, we are constant worry about the state of the world and the suffering of others. Life feels more uncertain than ever before. We are living in fight or flight mode. This has quite significant effects on our bodies, mind and overall health as we are prepped to respond to the next threat. We are stressed out and whether we realise it or not, stress is how we die when the heart stops. It is important to find peace.

The effects of stress include a faster breath and heartbeat as blood is pumped quicker around the body. The muscles tense, injuries are harder to heal as our immune system tires and adrenalin is pumped around our body to help. The pupils widen and our focus is outwards, the media keeps us constantly informed about all the things we can worry about and so we do. The digestive system stops functioning effectively, it becomes sluggish. This is very visible with the rise in IBS and other illnesses related to this area of the body. We can find it harder to sleep which just exasperates the stress we feel further.

A massage encourages the parasympathetic system to come into play and as a beautiful consequence, these are the effects:

  • The body is allowed to rest
  • Muscles relax and the memory of trauma and injury released
  • Eyes are closed and allows us to focus inwards
  • Our breathing slows down
  • Heart rate and blood pressure slow too
  • Adrenalin ceases to be pumped around the body
  • Circulation is improved
  • Immune system can jump into action
  • Injuries heal faster
  • The digestive system is allowed to function properly
  • Anxiety and depression are reduced
  • Sleep usually follows a massage too 🙂

So why do so many of us put off having a massage? Why do we leave looking after ourselves to the end of the list that we never seem to complete in a day? This needs to change. See massage as a way to improve your health, a way to allow your body to heal, to give your mind a rest, to boost your self-esteem. Massage supports you in listening to YOU, to reconnect with yourself and when you do, you’ll feel so warrior now! I’ve seen it, I’m a massage therapist! 🙂

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Love Ray

I am warrior now!

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