The Power behind the Bleed!

The power behind the bleed, in the bleed, before and after the bleed!

I remember thinking for a number of years that I was missing something in relation to the time of the month. When everything feels like a bit more effort. As I’ve got older, I’ve felt it more. The discomfort, lack of confidence, clumsiness, vulnerability and desire to disconnect from everything. Being raised in the 80s, life was for the taking, we were being pushed to have the lives as those of men who were born with the right to ambition. We were expected to follow suit, if not dare to lead. Power.

And I did. Like my mum, a rebel before me, I competed in male sports. I excelled at things that only boys were supposedly good at. I challenged myself and challenged them and this continued into adulthood, driving vans, working with males with bad behaviour in colleges, alternative education, housing sheltors and prisons. I could match and overpower any masculinity sent in my direction and rise to any difficult circumstance in that energy. My body would tell me to stop and slow down each month, I rarely did. I wanted to though.

During my study of yoga in India, I watched as other female students excused themselves from class due to their moon cycle. When mine came around, I had no desire to miss class. It took for me to faint twice before I surrendered. As I sat on the sand, holding my womb, I remember thinking of the power that lay in this process. A power I didn’t believe I knew how to harness or what I would use it for. I decided to look for a course when I got home. I found some. They were too expensive for me.

I felt quite disappointed that if there was something in this that every girl and woman could benefit from, why would another woman choose to profit so highly from this knowledge. I remembered hearing of tribes that send their women to a hut to bleed and this happened in more than one country. Somewhere, I had got the idea that it was because the woman was seen as ‘dirty’ and that may well have been true. Now, I see it as women of old ways, protecting their right to fully immerse themselves in their menstruation.

In mentioning my lack of understanding of the period cycle to a friend, I was leant a book ‘<a href="http://wild power” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Wild Power’ by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer. I had a resistance to reading it. Like with many courses of study in what we could call the ‘holistic’ and ‘healing’ world, you’re not really sure what it is you’re going to learn or if it is really the knowledge you desire but feel compelled in some way to find out. And that’s what happened after a woman’s circle at the Tribe of Doris. I started to read the book and I know I will read it again and again.

The power of knowing what can happen at different times in your cycle is awesome. When you feel strong, when you will want to withdraw from the world, when your intuition is booming and when you should rest, all become plain to see. Read it. The power is in learning how to work with your menstruation cycle and it is liberating. I’ve only just started and when you do, you’ll be buzzing like I am, nodding your head in agreement and wondering why it has taken you so long to find the truth…

You’ll be so warrior now! And any family member or partner of the one that bleeds will be very warrior now too! 😉

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Love Ray

I am warrior now!

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