Thank you…

I always said this happened for a reason but that I wasn’t ready to say thank you just yet!

I had a car accident on the end of my road, I was trying to get in reverse to move out of the way of a careless young BMW tinted windows music blasting driver. I didn’t. He reversed from the main road, into the side street and smashed into the front of me at an angle. He then ran out screaming at me and asking me for money. He eventually admitted to me that he wasn’t looking and could hear my horn. He didn’t admit this to the solicitors. He didn’t win but then neither did I. I worked hard to let it go.

Tonight. Well in the early hours of tomorrow, I found myself saying thank you, three times around the mala beads. I didn’t start with this matter. In fact, I simply started with ‘Thank you’. I said thanks for all of the experiences that I have had, good and bad, that have contributed to who I am now. I thanked old friends and new friends. I thanked my family. I said thank you for the powerfilled days and the wobbly days. I was thankful to each lover gone by, for the lessons, the joy, the pain and the love.

In doing so, my body was filled with gratitude, a lightness, a surge of cosmic energy, a joy with tears that sat behind the eyes. I continued with ‘Thank you’ until India drifted into my heart. I am thankful for my time there. I remembered the freedom, the overwhelming love, the healing and the unexpected opportunity of forgiveness. Thank you India. Thank you. Thank you.

It dropped in quickly. Had it not have been for the car accident, I wouldn’t have stopped what I was doing. I wouldn’t have been made to sit still, to meditate. I might not have retrained, changed my path and started a business. I would not have made a bold move to get rid of the last traces of injury still in my body and run to India. I gained much strength there. I might not have shaved my hair off and liberated an old story of alopecia. I would not have walked away from a toxic relationship and shared beautiful new experiences with a new family of friends and a man who believed me to be magic and I wouldn’t have sung my heart out, all over Goa.

Again, thank you India. And thank you, careless young BMW tinted windows music blasting driver. I couldn’t thank you then but I can thank you now.

I am warrior now.

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Love Ray

I am warrior now!

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