I met an enlightened soul…

On this day, I found myself torn! I wanted to spend time with an elephant but I did not want to ride her. I soon realised that I wouldn’t be allowed to be in her company if I didn’t take the ride. So I did. My desire was to give reiki to this beautiful animal. So I did. We connected. It was powerful. I placed my hand on her nose. She pushed her head into my hand, closed her eyes and big tears began to flow. The man kept trying to make her move. She wouldn’t. He kept trying to make me move. I wouldn’t. When I left her she was smiling. My whole body was vibrating for the hour that followed. I was happy but also slightly confused.

I had a feeling she had given me something but I wasn’t sure what. I sat quietly to process. In this silence her soul spoke the words of wisdom that I had needed to hear, in that moment I understood. This powerful being was looking after her human. For this reason she told me to let go of my sadness. “Healing is a service, it can mean we share another’s pain or may suffer at their hands while they learn something invaluable. You may never experience the outcome or receive a thank you either”. I had been suffering a little that day, a lot before my trip. “This is your path, you chose it and though it has hurt you, you are strong enough, like me!”

I met an enlightened soul who had chosen to return to teach and to heal. I wanted to give her some love as she clearly gave to others. In return she offered me love, strength, wisdom and healing that I had not anticipated. Wow, I had a conversation with an elephant, think me mad, I’m sure many do, in the past, I might have too, now I know better, I am learning not to care, that was epic… Gratitude and joy!! 🙏🏽 💚💚💚

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Love Ray

I am warrior now!

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