Hello, Clover Ray here! Creator of Wild & Warrior @iamwarriornow

As I was overcoming another heavy round of lessons, challenges & realisations through which much healing took place, it suddenly hit me…

Regardless of whatgoes on, I am here. I am really strong. I survived & am now thriving. I see the blessings in disguise. I smile a lot & have learnt to trust the process. I can handle heartbreak (even though I don’t want anymore ti be honest). I am kind to people even in my darkest moments. I have food, a warm house, a good circle of friends. I am ok. I am here. I don’t live in despair. I am grateful each day.

… I am warrior NOW!!!

A warrior to me, is someone who lives from their soul. The soul is warrior. The soul knows what you came here to experience, to share & the way to your happiness. The soul is what sends you that dull ache when you are not doing, standing in or speaking your truth, when you are not living the life that you want. If you start to listen to your soul, your life will improve in the ways that you want it to. I am certain of it because when I started listening to mine unapologetically, life got better, more joyful, fun & it feels easier too.

Practices gained from much training & sitting with many teachers is what keeps me peaceful, connected & on the right track to my dreams & goals. This is what I share with clients, friends, students & well, anyone who would listen really! When we quieten the noise of the outside World, enough to start hearing what you truly want in this life, what to let go of & what to move forward with, we can live a life we love.

I am a massage& reiki practitioner, breathwork, yoga & meditation workshop retreat leader. I am also a singer a& songwriter, life model, dancer, lover of travel, music, reading & writing. I eat what I feel to, drink now & then, sometimes I smoke & I do not subscribe to telling people others how to live. I do however, love supporting people in changing their lives to one they love. Whatever that looks like to them.

I am happy you have found this page. Thank you. I will keep posting tips, mini practices, inspiration & events here. I look forward to connecting with you somewhere soon.

Much love Warriors,

Clover Ray x