Hello, my name is Clover and my mission is to promote and support positive transformation in my clients lives. I have adapted and transformed my way through life and I have motivated, guided and supported many other humans in doing so too. I work with a wide variety of healing and life changing modalities that have wonderful results…

Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner & Yoga Teacher

Feel supported in releasing tension within your body through movement, bodywork and energy-work. The body stores many past experiences in its cells. Tension and pain in certain areas can relate to past trauma, held by memory. Let go of the past so that you are able to move forward and create the life you love.

Meditation & Nidra Leader & Breathwork Facilitator

Cleanse and quieten the mind with meditation and beautiful breathwork immersions, reducing the noise that prevent you from moving forwards. Our minds are a treasure trove of our worst fears, insecurities, past memories that impact how we feel and behave now. It can feed self-doubt, lack of confidence and self-worth and generally work against us in times of necessary and desired change. Learn to release all that is holding you back and move forward with your dreams with confidence. Live your best life.

Intuitive Guide and Mentor

Work with me to discover what is having a negative impact on your life, whether the blocks are in your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual experience. I will support you in releasing the barriers preventing you from living the life you desire and together we will build a plan of action to love the life you live.

To work together, please contact me via the contact page here or on messenger via the following facebook page here and we can arrange a call. I am available for sessions in person (depending on where you are based) and online via zoom.

Change Maker & Advocate of the Divine Feminine

I am here to promote and push for progress. The immature patriarchal system is falling. The Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine must rise up. My life and my actions are rooted in the Divine Feminine. I am here to share the Divine Feminine possibilities and how we can live and act from here to ensure a better World for us all. The current focus on Black Lives Mattering, is close to my heart and will be present in my blog alongside my other offerings of practice and coming home to our true nature, our heart, our true selves. Much love Warriors, Clover Ray x